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Double wide roof

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I had a new roof put on my 2001 double wide they took off the 4 vents on each side because they leaked and messed up the ceilings, a ridge vent was installed. The heat is is coming through the ceiling you can raise up your hand to the ceiling and feel the heat what can i do
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the vents were about 1 foot by 1 foot 4 on each side took them off replaced with plywood and 3D shingles
The vents were about 3 ft from peek
double wide

the double wide has soffit vent all the way round across the front down the sides and across the back
it has a cathedral ceilings
sorry, gone so long went to lowe's bought 8 low profile roof vents, the vents were on the roof , i thought if i put a ridge vent across the top i could get ride of those vents, No can do!! that double wide came with a marrage wall ,the only thing the ridge vent is venting is a small gap between the 2 walls, without the vents the heat is traped in side and is being released throught light fixtures and the gas furannce that came with the double wide i never used it so the roofer took that vent out also, now the heat is coming out of the front where the return was located. thank for your help it really helped me figer out what was going on have a go week

thank again
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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