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Double wall oven with 4 wire, grounded conductor

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Purchased a Electrolux Icon double wall over. Pig tail from oven has 4 wires and the wire going from my junction box to my main service pannel has 4 wires. All wires were connected correctly at junction box (verified by electrician). Oven did not function properly. Appliance maintenance guy says my service pannel is not wired correctly, I need a isolated neutral. I had 3 different electricians out to look at my service pannel and all 3 said it was wired correctly. I asked what they would do differently in a new house they said nothing. 2 black wires each go to a circuit breaker, bare wire goes to grounding bus bar, and neutral (white) goes to the same grounding bus bar. Are all 3 electricians wrong or is the appliance maintenance guy wrong? The appliance is manufactured with a white neutral power supply and a frame connected copper wire.
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If this panel u mention is your main panel they MUST be connected and as you describe is right. However if this is a sub panel they MUST NOT be connected.

My bet is the appliance guy does not know what is wrong and is trying to pass the buck It sounds like the electricians have got your back.
Not sure of your description. Are you saying that the two black wires go to a double breaker or that they go to two separate single breakers?
If everything is as you explained, the appliance guy needs to find another line of work....preferably one without any electricity involved
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