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Double plywood floor as base for tile?

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There is an article in Fine Homebuilding , March 2016 where the author discusses prepping a floor for tile by putting down a double layer of plywood. Is he advising putting floor tiles directly on plywood? Or putting a double layer of plywood down and then putting cement board on top of that?
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I think that the article was referencing meeting deflection standards, and to then proceed with installing tile on an approved substrate such as any of the currently available uncoupling membranes or underlayment.
I at that just because I can't see FHB promoting placing tile on plywood.
I agree FHB would not likely promote such a poor method. I am not a member so could not archive that issue, I think it's the one written by Andy Engel. But Fine Home Building is not an authority on the subject anyway.

Why don't you tell us your story and we'll help you.

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I've done a couple of bath remodels, and may do a bath floor in the future. I've always assumed laying tile on plywood was very bad. Then I saw this article, puzzled me. One of our properties someone laid kitchen counter tile over particleboard. When you look close it doesn't look good.

Yes the author is Andy Engel. The rest of the magazine, on quick look over seems professional. But I am not really a Pro!
I don't mean to imply any negatives about Mr. Engel or the fine magazine. I recall Fine Home Building did a rather glowing review several years ago when they featured Ditra, (which I am also a fan of). If you have the article or are interested in their opinion on this subject, why not read it or go to the library and then let us know what he said.

I'll bet they would not recommend tile direct on ply.

Since you are on the left coast, be extra careful because many of your houses are built in a way the rest of the country would call "strange". I'm referring the the framing.

Tile is an odd creature.
I did a hardwood install a couple months back that required demoing tile in the kitchen... Placed on vinyl.
Thought it would be a piece of cake.
It may as well had been bonded to any regular substrate...
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