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I'm in the process of doing bathroom remodels in our main home. There are 4 BR. There is a full bath that serves 3 br upstairs (Master has it's own bathroom).

The full bath upstairs has a single sink and a full bathtub with shower. The vanity is a single sink on a 24" cabinet. The countertop extends beyond the cabinet around a foot. I was doing some measurement and found I could put a 45 - 49" double vanity there. Either I could make one with a antique dresser and two vessel sinks or purchase one already made.

Thing is I looked at one and it appears there pretty much would be NO COUNTER SPACE. It's just two circles next to each other, LOL.

I have a son and daughter and I'm fairly certain there will problaby not be a time when they are both using the sink at the same time.

Just curious, but I'm leaning towards single sink with a larger countertop and more drawers.

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Definitely single sink, 49" is not enough for 2. I think you'd want about 72" for two sinks to have some work space.

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