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Double Fence Replacement on hillside

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So I'm trying to determine the best strategy to replace this terrible aging double gate (See photo below). While the total gate structure measures 17+ feet, the actual fence "gap" I am dealing with is 16 feet. While I consider myself "handy" and have done a little bit of framing and trim work, I'm basically a beginner with regard to carpentry.

My best idea is to simplify things by converting to a simple hinge gate system. The posts are in surprisingly good shape, but I have a significant "elevation problem.


* Should I convert to hinges, or try to reuse the existing rolling gate system?
* Should I utilize one of the many gate "kits", or spend the money on items like the pocket screw jig etc and build it the old fashioned way (plenty of youtube videos)
* How do I deal with the elevation change? I found the pic below, where the "upper" gate sits a few inches higher than the "lower" gate, and the fence boards disguise the misalignment. Any better ideas?
* Any other thoughts or input on this project?



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I would keep the original design

But eliminate the rail going across the drive and install a wheel trolley.

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A few deficiencies in the bottom picture.
- The A frame support should be replaced with a Z shape support, with the 2x is attached to the bottom cross 2x near the post and up towards the center of the gates. Subsequently, the two doors will have their supporting Z's in reverse to each other.
- The 2x going across should be leveled.
- The dog ear planks should be trimmed at the bottom to fit the elevation slope.
- I'd install wheels at the center, to support the weight of the gates when they swing open.
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