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doors hitting

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I have two exterior doors one to the garage and one going to the deck that when either one is open the other hits the open door and of course dings it, as I have found out too many times after just intalling a new door to the deck and has 3 dents in it already in 2 days.

I am interested in knowing if there is some thing that can be either installed on the door out to the deck or on the handle of the garage door to keep it from denting up my new door.

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There are a variety of door stops available at home, hardware stores, most are inexpensive. Some fit the knobs.
do you have any budget in mind for this?
It's a $3.00 door stop, they have layaways.
A screen door closer on the one someone.... keeps leaving open. Be safe, G
I you change the swing on one of them they will never hit again.
Thanks for the ideas, I will have to brainstorm up something to keep it reasonably priced.
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