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doorbell transformer question

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Hi folks.
I'm in Ontario, Canada, so this question is for anyone that's knowledgeable on Ontario code.
Question is simple: Can the doorbell transformer, when installed directly on the side of a breaker panel, be double tapped?
This is a 3 year old house that's up for sale, and the home inspector noticed the transformer was connected to a breaker that was already in use. i.e., it's double tapped.
I don't see a problem with it, as I've seen this many times before.
This inspector wants me to install a new breaker, just for the freekin' doorbell transformer.
An electrician I spoke with said it's OK, but I need something in writing.
I'm not the homeowner by the way, I'm just doing a few minor fix ups, and this situation came up.
I've tried Googling this issue, but came up empty.
It's also how I found this forum BTW.
Thanks in advance.
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Double taps are generally not allowed, but splices inside a box are, in NEC.
poster is in Canada and they don't allow splices in the panel. :no:
Is this Home Inspector the same as an electrical inspector? Square D breaker, at least some of them, can be double tapped. There may be other brands that fall into this category too. The Since the house is only 3 years old, I'd think the electrical would be OK.
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