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Doorbell Help

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I am trying reinstall a doorbell. I have 120 from the breaker to the transformer. Then when I hook up the wire to the doorbell and chime the transformer is blowing.

I had tested the continuity of the line to the bell, as well as the line to the chime. Everything looks good.

I have tried to wire the bell straight to the transformer bypassing the chime ...blows the transformer. I have tried a differnet set of wires in the run....blows the transformer.

Any ideas?
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If you mean it is tripping the breaker, I would guess you need a new transformer. I do know know enough but suspect a dead short when it is activated.

Not tripping the breakers its burning out the transformer. I have 20 at the terminals of the transformer... until I attach the runs to the front bell. It look like ethernet cable, so I'm grabbing another set of wire in the feed, still blowing the transformer.
For your understanding, you need to have 1 wire from transformer to trans. screw on chime. 1 wire from trans. to button. 1 wire from button to front or back door screw on chime. Understand when I say wire I mean conductor as you probably have twisted pair

That's how its wired. Can I just skip the chime and run straight to the bell... I understand I wont have a chime... will that blow the transformer.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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