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Doorbell connection question

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I am trying to replace a doorbell chime box in an existing home with a front and back door bell switch. someone removed the old one without labeling the wires.
There are 2 whites and 2 reds at the chime box. It it touch the two whites together i get a little spark. If I touch any other combination of wires I see nothing. if i touch one white wire to the transforer connection point on chime and the other to front it will chime. Of course the doorbell switch is not pressed in so this is not the correct connection. I would greatly appreciate advice on which wire to hook where.
PS: I checked both doorbell switches and each has a red and white wire attached.
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You should have 6 wires----not 4----2 from the transformer---2 for each door----

2 transformer wires to the power terminals on the chime---

remaining wires to the front door/ back door terminals
Have you checked at the chime and transformer what is connected there to see if they are all connected from both switches. Do you have a multimeter? Pictures of the connections at both buttons transformer and chime would be helpful.
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