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We recently had some professionals come in to hang our new interior slab doors. We tried ourselves but failed miserably, partially due to the amount of sanding the doors need to fit in our old (1920's) door frames but mainly due to our lack of skills with the router, so we had a lot of difficulty mortising the hinges.

Anyway, the pro's came and did a great job, took their time and all the doors are great (except for one, which they cut too short, and are waiting for the new door to come in for them to replace). Aside from the door they're replacing, there's one that keeps swinging closed whenever it's opened. It's certainly not a violent swing, but it's enough to close it such that the cats can get trapped in the room, which makes them very angry.

Any way we can fix this?

P.S. It did this prior to paint and knob install, so it's not any kind of disproportionate weight thing.

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That's not a problem, that's a "feature" !!! (per MS)
They shoud have charged you extra for the auto-door closing installation
But that's OK, just send the $$ to me & I'll take care of it

I actually like this "feature" on my sunroom door
I'm always coming in during the winter with an arm full of wood
The door closes enough so that I can shut it with an elbow :thumbsup:
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