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Door Knob Hole Cover Plate One Side

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House has a small mother-in-law apartment which is part of the house. There is a connecting doorway that the former owner put two doors (in same doorway) apparently so both sides could lock. We really don't want the apartment to access the house and at some point will probably drywall the area over. But in the mean time I was thinking that perhaps the answer was one of those door knob hole cover plates (metal circle with no door knob) on the apartment side. I looked for a door knob that was just one sided with a plate on the other side with no luck and only can find hardware to cover both sides. My concern is that I want the door to be locked or unopenable.
Any suggestions or input would be appreciated. I keep thinking the answer is a simple one.
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Can't you just intall a standard lockset, with the keyed side toward the apartment, and keep the keys in your possession?
Standard lockset

That is what is in place now. The appearance of a door knob makes some of the prospective tenants uncomfortable. I thought of the cover because hotels use them for that same reason.
Install double side dead bolt.
Okay, I thought that they were already in place, and didn't understand, but now it makes sense. I would check at the local lumber yard. A big box store may or may not be able to help, but I'd be surprised if the lumber yard couldn't fix you up, and if not, they could order one for you. The only thing that doesn't make sense is that if prospective tenants are uncomfortable with the door knob, wouldn't they be just as uncomfortable with the fact that the knob on their side has been removed, so the only access is from your side? You might want to consider removing the lockset altogether, and nailing a trim piece to the jamb to ensure that the door can't be opened, or maybe it's time to just do as you mentioned and drywall it over; a few 2x4's, two sheets of drywall, some mud and paint, and you'd be done.
at some point will probably drywall the area over.
Is seems to me that now is the time to do this while the unit is empty.

The materials are cheap.
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