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Door for storage area

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Hi there,
I recently moved and in the finished basement the owners made a storage space under the stairs. The opening is 31 1/2 inches wide by 54 1/2 tall and they just have a curtain hung across on a flexible rod. I'm considering my options in making it look more finished and I came across these shutters and wondered if it would be possible to use them as doors? I haven't got ANY experience in this but thought I could first frame the doorway with wood as it is currently just drywall all around (doorway is about 4 inches deep). Then using swing hinges hang these shutters and put some sort of handle on each as well. Question is.....would this work outside of my imagination? Or does anyone have any better ideas? Thanks to any and all who could give me some advice :). Here are the shutters:

Thx! Brenda
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Also...I looked everywhere for a door and I cannot see any with those dimensions. I've seen threads on cutting doors to size and for a non-carpenter type it just seemed way too complicated for me to do myself. Thanks again.

P.S. Not sure about the code here in Canada but I will check on that as well. Thank you for the info.


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Probably not feasible given the size of the wall under the stairs. I think they made it as tall as they could. But thx
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