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Door case too small after sheetrocking

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Looking for advice on what to do with windows and doors cases after sheetrocking. The issue is before I had paneling, and when I put the sheetrock up the door frames and windows will have a gap, since the sheetrock is thicker than the paneling.

Do I need to redo the door frames and windows completely? Or is there another option? Just wondering if anyone else had this issue.

Thank you in advance.
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You need to add a jamb extension to your jambs. It should be the difference in thickness between your old paneling and the drywall, probably somewhere around 1/4" (which would be your gap showing now). You can either rip it on a table saw, or you may be able to find something the right thickness at a lumber yard or home center. The other dimension for your piece should be aprox. 3/4" to sit on your jambs. A brad tacker will fasten them up quickly.
Mike Hawkins:)
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