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Door awning structural help

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I want to install a awning over our basement door and am trying to figure out how deep the over hang can be before either brackets are needed and then how deep before posts are needed. The existing roof is 5/12 so will follow and probably use 2x6.
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Any more then 2' I would not trust it with out some form of support.
Post, wall brackets, something.
What can happen depending on what your mounting it to is it will sag or pull away from the wall causing it to leak.
I have seen engineered roof trusses overhang 4 feet without supports. But if you're building them on your own, I wouldn't span more than 2 feet.
Can you give more info?

Wall Height?
No good pic of the whole wall, I can get one this week end. The doors are unfortunately below grade by 22" and the whole well is 81"x38". Siding is going to be replaced as is door and the door well. When the door well is replaced we are putting in a dry well for what water makes it in but want the awning to control as much as possible. The grade around will be changed as well.


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Going to be interesting trying to put a roof over that with T111 siding.
No good way to keep water from rotting out the siding without some major rework.
T11 can not be any closer then about 6" from any solid surface such as a roof without splash back which will cause it to rot.
Ah sorry, the siding and sheathing are being replaced and vinyl is going up. The height is one of my concerns as the awning would have to be higher than the band board due to the step up or stop with enough clearance for head room on the step.
Looks like a no brainer to me. Put a shed roof over it with two posts outboard to support the roof. screw a 2 x to the T1-11 level, saw cut and remove. Flash under and over the new shingle roof. Screw a 2 x 8 ridge plate to the studs of the house with 2- 3/8 x 3.5 inch Lag screws per stud, and frame her out with 2x6 rafters. Put vents on the sides. I would make it bigger than the well by at least a foot for wind blown rain, and with the posts you could even install trellis for some privacy, and partial wind block.

Good Building.
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