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Greetings all. I have a wood frame house (built in 1934) here in Florida and our infamous state-run property insurance agency, Citizens, has deemed I need to replace my shingle roof. I had been intending to install a 5V metal roof but my finances aren't so great right now so it will have to be shingles.

I went down to the local construction services office to get a homeowner's permit and that's when I found out that if I removed and replaced 25% or more of the existing roof that I would have to install "wind mitigation" features. According to the inspector I talked to, that means hurricane clips and a "secondary water barrier" over the entire roof deck. These requirements will increase the cost of materials 50% to 100%, depending on the type of barrier and clips.

So here's my plan and questions:

My roof is under 16 squares, a straight gable, with a 4:12 pitch. The decking is 1x6 dimensional lumber and the existing roofing is 1 layer of 3 tab shingles on top of 15# felt.

To install the hurricane clips (ties?) was to pry up the deck board right above the top plate and use a palm nailer to fasten the clips. Does this seem realistic? It seemed possible when I looked at the underside of the roof from my attic, but maybe I'll have to pry off some of the siding (which is aluminum over narrow clapboard, so, not fun).

For the "secondary water barrier" I was going to lay down GAF WeatherGuard. It seems to be a little more budget-friendly than Grace's Ice & Water Shield, and the granules on the surface seem like they will make it less treacherous to walk on - any comments about this stuff, particularly relating to how easy it is to install by yourself?

For shingles, well... Probably GAF from the usual big box store. I don't really care about the color but I do care about reducing energy use, so an "Energy Star" rating would be worth paying a few dollars more. It seems like the only shingles that meet that criteria, though, are the 3-tab in white for $28.50/bundle.

I was going to rent a dump trailer. The one quote I've gotten so far was $285 for a 12 yd. trailer for 3 days. That seemed reasonable to me and should be more than enough for a 15.5 sq. tear-off. I'd rather not do the tear-off entirely by myself, but I don't know if trying to hire a couple of the guys that are always hanging out in front of the big box store is a good idea either...?

Oh yes, I'm not afraid of heights, but I don't much like the idea of falling off a roof, so, I'll buy the "fall protection" kit that comes in a bucket for $100.

So, how does my plan sound? Good, bad, ugly?

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