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I am trying to train my dog to stay away from the kitchen trash, because she likes to get into it, and has recently developed diabetes, so now the prospect of her getting old food is not just annoying, but dangerous. To be safe, I'd like to make it almost impossible for her to get into the trash, training notwithstanding.

I just moved into a new rental unit; I do not have a pantry and there is a shelf beneath my sink so there really is nowhere to store the trash. I have thought about bolting the trash to the wall, or doing something to the lid of a trash container to make it impossible to open without opposable thumbs, but I'm at a loss.

Relevant info: my landlord is very laid back and won't mind reasonable modifications in the unit. My dog is a small, 16-lb poodly thing with not much height but surprising jumping skills. I'm pretty clueless about DIY stuff, but my father is visiting me this Sunday and he's far more capable than myself (and is willing to bring power tools and his assistance). I do not yet own a kitchen-sized trash container, so I'm willing to buy one of any recommended material. Finally, I am aware that there are expensive trash containers for sale that purport to be pet-proof, but I'd much rather put one together myself.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

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