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Does this look right?

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I have been having some one and off roof leaking problems on one section of my roof for the last year and half (since I moved in). The roof was redone about 5 years ago or so. The previous owner had it done so I didn't see it going on and don't know the contractor. The section of the roof where I am seeing leaks is on an addition on the back of the house that only goes up one story and butts up against the back of the original house. I have had some issues with the skylights leaking so I think they need to be re-flashed but when the wind comes at the section of the house where the roof butts the second story wall (the head wall) I am getting leaks there too.
I will probably have to break down and have that section of the roof redone but I wanted to post some pictures to see if anyone sees any issues with the way it is right now. I am hoping that someone that knows more than me can look at it and tell me what looks like the problem. Thanks!

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Not the way I would have done it.
To late now but that roof never should have been built that close to the sill, makes it far harder to seal and causes splash back on the window.
I would have installed the siding using a starter strip not J channel.
The J is forming a mini gutter and forsing all the water to run to the most likly area to leak.
Way to many exposed nails with what looks like no sealer on top of them.
The metal goes over the shingles and no nails will be exposed when done correctly. Metal wind tabs would get nailed to the last shingles and then the metal gets installed. It also HAS to go under/behind the flashing around the window, )if the window even has flashing).
The metal tabs are then bent over the edge ot the metal and excess is cut off. Like this:


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looks like a poor job to me. As tinner showed, the metal should be OVER the shingles, not under, and those nail heads should be tarred at minimum... Over the years I have worked on far too many dormers trying to fix other guys poor "workmanship", so at this point if it were me I'd be tearing off the entire area to redo it properly (siding, roof, window trim/flashing). Its the only way to know that the problem is fixed.
Thanks for the insight guys. I think I am going to have to do some here. For the entire year and half I have lived in the house I have had leak after leak in that spot and around some of the skylights. I think it's time to get a roofer out to look at it. I was putting it off thinking I could do some little fixes along the way but I haven't made much progress. I knew that if I had someone come look at it they would say I needed to redo it regardless of whether it really needed it or not. At this point I think it's safe to say it needs it.
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Its not what you want to hear, but the little fixes never work, except maybe as a band-aid at best. Given the way they treated this area, it would make me very suspect of the way the dormer sides were flashed/sealed as well... Dormers are nothing but problems if not done right.
I feel bad for you. Its pretty much done all wrong. Not cheap to fix. I also don't like the downspot dumping water on the shingles in the one area.
Good point about the down spout. I should add a piece to go over the shingles so the water doesn't wear it away.
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