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Does new carpeting require new pads?

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Out house has been for sale for 6 months with no particular interest. It is reasonably priced (compared to similar houses that have sold), but the right person just hasn't seen it yet. (They complain it has no yard, yeah it is in the woods; they complain it needs to be updated, yeah it is $100,000 cheaper than the other houses on the street) Our realtor has been nagging me to replace old bedroom carpeting and do some painting. I have resisted because I figure the new buyer would rather do what they want then what I wanted, but after 6 months maybe she is right.

Anyhow, I have two quotes. One is twice the price of the other. The main difference are somewhat cheaper carpeting and the pad replacement. The first refuses to consider replacing carpeting without replacing the pads, but won't even tell me why except it is policy. The second says the pads are in good condition and replacing them in bedrooms is complete waste.
The carpeting is in good condition; it is just blue in two rooms and brown in the other two, and the realtor claims people look ill after seeing them.

Naturally I want to believe the cheaper one. Obviously you haven't seen the pads, but is the concept of not replacing the pads okay if the pad are in good condition?
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does it require it? technically no. What the buyer won't see won't hurt them, right? :p

Now me personally, I know what funkiness can enter into carpet and pads, so I'd want to change the pads. Think pet accidents, spilled allergens that soak into the pads, Potty training children etc etc.

It's a matter of what your conscience says. Me as a buyer, I'd want to know if the carpet AND padding were replaced as my family has a lot of allergies.
No the pad doesn't have to be changed. I have laid new carpet over old pad hundreds of times.
The odds are that the new owner will change the carpet anyway, they usually do. Most sellers here offer a flooring allowance. They offer to reduce the price some, so the buyer can install what they want without spending more money.
Has your realtor mentioned that? It's pretty common. If they haven't, I would look for a new realtor.
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