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Does it matter what part of the ceiling i test for asbestos?

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A while ago we scraped of our popcorn ceiling in one room. Now their is a bunch of white dust on the floor. I was gonna clean it but I want to find out if it's asbestos or not. I need to send a sample to a lab so they can test it. I didnt wanna take a chunk out of the ceiling we scrapped because that ceiling has already been retextured. The whole house has popcorn ceilings, so I took out sample of the ceiling from the next room over. Well, now I'm worried that if by chance the people who built the house used asbestos in one part of the house, and didn't in the other part. I'm afraid the sample I cut out will come out negative for asbestos, and the room we scrapped by chance has asbestos. I guess my question is if one sample from one part of the house comes back negative for asbestos, would it be foolish of me to assume the rest of the house is negative for asbestos.
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Nick, the popcorn was probably put on by the same contractor using the same compounds all at the same time. It was a quick IN and OUT process, so having one place done will be representative of the entire house.

This is an extension of What should i do with this asbestos in a mop bucket?
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