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Hi DIY Chatroom,

We are independent filmmakers Freddie Whitman, Taso Karnazes, and Corey Halbert and are currently working on a documentary about the battle between varmint and the average American living in the Northeast United States.

If your yard is being invaded by a tenacious varmint (squirrels, gophers, moles, deer, rabbits, etc...) and you have been dealing with them for some time we would love to interview you and potentially include you in our film.

Our crew is just us three, we’re trying to keep this as lightweight as possible with the current pandemic situation. The interviews would be as long or as short as you want, if you are willing to talk we want to listen. Getting footage of you in your yard telling your success/failure dealing with the wildlife in your yard is what we need. We can also do online/telephone chats if you are more comfortable with that.

If you are in the California and want to tell your story dealing with pests moving into your yards then let us know! We will be filming this coming summer 2020.
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