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Do you like this color of floors

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Hi. I have a 50 year old home that I am remolding. My style is modern. I have red oak floors that have the yellow and orange tones and I was trying to cut down on the yellow and orange with gray. What do you guys think of this color?

Here is it from a further away, which makes it appear more dramatic due to the contrast which I think when the whole room is finished it will not look so dramatic.
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I like it, but that doesn't matter.

It only matters that you like it.
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SPS- thanks for your reply. My dream floor would be very light with grain and absolutely no red, yellow or orange. The only way to accomplish that would be get a new floor as red oak shows those tones, even with water base poly. That being said, I am torn if I like it or not. Trying to get as many opinions as possible.
Re: Re-post floor color

If it pleases you, go for it.

You are the one that will see it daily, not any of us here.

Me personally I like the natural wood tones, not some bleached out driftwood stuff.

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Count me as another that prefers the warm brown/red/orange tones of wood (cherry is my fave), but I did notice at a recent trip to both of the big box stores that adding a grayish hue to the wood is popular. Gives it a "weathered" look. I think what you have will work well. It gives it a grayish hue, but doesn't go overboard with it and still leaves a little bit of the natural wood color.
That reminds me of the pickled-oak look that was popular in the 1980's. That's one way to get rid of any red, yellow, or orange tones.
The color is gud, but not like as modern. But its not matter that we like this floor or not. Its only matters that which one you and your loved once like, because you have to spend time there, the place must be eye-catching to you. So take the decision by yourself.
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