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Do my range/oven dials function like a 'dial' lightswitch? (noob Question)

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A 'dial' light switch has 'infinite' settings (maybe not infinite but a whole lot) as opposed to a standard switch which is either on or off. On my stove, if I set the dial to somewhere between the marked settings, does this have an effect or does it 'round' to the nearest marked setting? Same with the oven? Does this apply to most ranges/ovens? Is there a better term for what I'm asking?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this.

(model: Estate)

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Stoves with knobs typically run infinite controls with a bi-metal strip. Basically what happens is the current runs through the bi metal strip. As the strip heats it bends away from the point of contact. At a certain point it breaks contact and begins to cool. When it cools enough it makes the contact again.

They are called infinite controls or switches because they are infinitely variable.
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