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Do my range/oven dials function like a 'dial' lightswitch? (noob Question)

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A 'dial' light switch has 'infinite' settings (maybe not infinite but a whole lot) as opposed to a standard switch which is either on or off. On my stove, if I set the dial to somewhere between the marked settings, does this have an effect or does it 'round' to the nearest marked setting? Same with the oven? Does this apply to most ranges/ovens? Is there a better term for what I'm asking?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this.

(model: Estate)

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Ovens typically use a thermostat (separate element typically looking like a pencil with a string at one end) that cycles the power to the element: full on or full off.

Electric stove burners controlled by a continuous rotating knob, I think, have a constant voltage as set to any value by the knob position. How this is achieved (chopper elecronics?) I don't know.

And of course there are knobs with click stops. These are typically used with burners that have two or three elements, and different combinations of elements are energized by the knob positions, sometimes elements are in series with one another to give off different amounts of heat.

Specifically for chopper controls, the output is the same 60 Hz AC but instead of the full positive and negative sine wave loops, the waveform has much smaller loops of a different appearance. The loops are all the same size until you adjust the knob again. The "voltage" depends on the area under the loop if you draw the waveform as a graph.
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