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Do I need two layers of grout sealer?

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In my bathroom remodeling project I finished tiling and grouting and started sealing grout on walls.
I was planning to put two layers of grout sealer on tub and shower surrounding walls and only one layer of all other walls.
However, when I tried to put a second sealer layer, grout did not absorb sealer. It all went down on tiles and floor.
I am using the "Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold" sealer, which is considered as one of the best.
Do I really need to put a second layer of sealer on grout on tub and shower surrounding walls? And what is the best technique to do that if I have to.?

Thanks a lot.
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I would really like to know: was the sealer so good, that it blocked the next application from absorbing. Since it is water based - that does make sense. What did you find out?
How long did you wait before coats?
Look on the can of sealer to see how long it should have been and if two coats are suggested.
One heavy application is it--or wet on wet with no waiting--once it's dried the grout will no longer absorb any--it's doing it's job.
I waited 24 hours before applying the second layer.
If it soaked in then you did well--most times it won't.

No harm done---it's just there to make the grout easier to clean---
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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