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Do I need to use RedGard?

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I am remodeling my bathroom. I am putting new floor, tub, toilet, walls, etc. My shower base is acrylic pane and tub is Americast.
For the floor I am going to use Durock Cement boards, versabond thinset mortar and 6x6 porcelain tile.
For tub and shower surrounding walls I am going to use Durock Cement boards, tile adhesive and 6x6 ceramic tiles.
Some people suggest using RedGard Waterproofing membrane as a waterproofing barrier, but one employee in a Home Depot tile department told me that if I use Durock Cement boards I don't need RedGard. He said he had a lot of experience with tiles.

My questions:
Do I really need to apply RedGard Waterproofing membrane on top of Durock Cement boards before putting tiles?
What is the difference between vapor barrier and waterproofing?

Thanks a lot.
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With the amount of water that hits the wall in a shower, Yes, you need something to stop water penetrating into the wall. Cement board and tile is not enough.
With a tub surround that just gets an occasional splash, it's not so necessary, but if you have Redgard left over from the shower, you may as well use it.
I suggest you check out Bud's blog.

Also, what kind of "tile adhesive" did HD sell you? And is this from the same guy who told you you don't need Redgard?
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