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Do I need to be present for electrical rough inspection?

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I suppose this is one of those problems that is a good problem to have, in its own way. I've been out of work since Tuesday, May 31. All of this week, my plans to have my rough inspection done have been pushed back because of job interview conflicts, and at this point it's scheduled for next Monday. Now I have a GM interview at noon Monday. The inspector only inspects in the afternoon, and not on Tuesdays.

I'd like to ask my neighbor if he can cover for me if the inspector arrives while I'm out for an interview so I can keep the Monday appointment. This would be the first time I've considered not being present for a permit inspection, so it feels like this might be a stupid question, but on the other hand I've always taken for granted that I'd always schedule inspections only when I could be there so I could understand any issues raised and reach agreement on what I would do to resolve those issues.

My neighbor is a retired hotel manager, and he seems to have a level of electrical knowledge comparable to my own - maybe more aware than the average homeowner, but not an actual electrician. That and I think he's probably more personable than I am - and if the inspector was being obstenant he'd probably be better at responding.

I'm absolutely confident I've resolved all the inspector's issues, except the stapling issue which I take the position that what I have meets code and does not require any changes.... I'm considering to make sticky notes quoting code to put up in the areas where the inspector raised issues.

(The biggest issue seemed to be ground conductor with the detatched garage feeder, I now have a #8 bare copper wire running inside the conduit from one panel to the other. Additionally, I've replaced the PVC conduit sections with EMT.
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If I were you (and BTW, congrats on the interview and good luck) I would get up extra early tomorrow morning and call the inspector.

Explain your situation. It's not like you're ditching him for a frivolous reason. And in this economy everyone is sensitive to job interview stress.

Ask If it's ok for your neighbor to be there (don't you just <3 good neighbors!). Ask about leaving him notes. Or how he would like you to deal with it?

Good luck :thumbsup:
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