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Do I have to shut off gas to clean dryer ducts?

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So I’m in the process of cleaning my dryer vent ducts. I have already cleaned the “hard metal” duct that runs outside. Now I have to clean the “soft duct” that is attached to the dryer itself.

My question is... I have a gas dryer, do I have to shut off the gas if I am going to be removing the duct for cleaning? I have enough room to clean without having to move the dryer so can I just remove the duct and clean it. I generally don’t like to mess with gas and if I can avoid it I do.

If I do have to switch the gas off please explain why.



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No. Even if you have to move it a bit, the appliance connector has a degree of flexibility. That looks like foil and wire duct. You might want to think about replacing it. I don't think they are the greatest and flexible metal is better. Solid metal is best.

Boy, you shut off sure is rusty.
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