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do I have to sand my first coat of semi-gloss on ceilingbefore I apply the 2nd coat?

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For latex. I just finished(it's 10;30 pm) painting my kitchen ceiling with a semi-gloss. I plan on putting the 2nd coat on tomorrow afternoon. Do I have to sand or scuff before I put on the 2nd coat? I remember reading paint doesn't stick well to semi-gloss, but I'm unsure if that only applies to old well cured paints, or also new fresh coats?
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Paint away, no need to sand first coat unless there is a lot of crap in the finish.
I always sand any finish that has a sheen when applying a topcoat. It is not only for a smooth finish but also adhesion

Not necessarily wrong, just not needed,especially on the ceiling.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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