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Do i have the wiring for this light/fan switch?

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Looking to install a new switch in a bedroom that is for a ceiling fan with a light. The new switch has a switch for the light and 4 mode fan control.

Here is the switch.

I'm wondering if it would even work with the wiring i have. I have 3 lines coming into the box 1 coming from up top and 2 from the bottom, all three lines have a black, white and ground. So a total of six wires, two pairs each.


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RAL offers good advice.

Be aware (read instructions) that the sender component replaces wall switch. A receiver unit goes under fan dome at ceiling. Be sure the receiver will fit under dome. Easier than trying to run the extra wire needed from fan to switch for old style wiring.

Often, best solution is to buy a fan that includes all the kit parts to get it done with only 2 wires and a dome long enough to fit a receiver.

The kind I am familiar with: A wall caddie (holder) replaces wall switch and holds a handheld remote that easily releases. The caddie is a dummy 'switch' in that it sits over box where old switch was. Therefore, the wiring in the switch box is hot wired so fan is always 'on' and remote is the new electronic mobile switch. The caddie screws into box, acting as a cover plate, but no wired connections are made. Only drawback is it looks best and is easier to install over a single gang box.

Yours is a single gang box so it s/b easy.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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