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Do bath screens suspended from the ceilings exist?

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Due to a window in the way of the wall we need attach a bath screen to, I wondered if there are screens that can be suspended from the ceiling so we do not have to go down the shower curtain route? Many thanks.
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Post a picture of the room.
Shower curtain on a spring loaded curtain rod. One thing to remember, is that shower curtains hung from the ceiling, will not reach into the tub. We had to use the Shower Curtain over our window, until we got rid of the window, and put in a real tub enclosure.
Thanks for speedy replies, I will try bob a photo on at some point.

If we do a shower curtain we would just attach it to the wall but will probably just do a ciruclar one rather than suspend it from the ceiling.

This is similar to what i have. I have mine suspended on all 4 corners because of the kids. They're all gone now and we never had a problem. Also my shower nozzle is wall mounted, not like this one. Setup has been up about 25 years.


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I'm not sure what you mean by a bath screen.

There are also long shower curtains available if you need to install the rod higher than normal. I found mine on ebay.

Ikea has curtain rails that may be what you're looking for. I'm sure there are other manufacturers.
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