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I have two areas of my lawn that completely dead, no grass or even weeds growing... one is about a 15' wide circle, the other is about 10-15' of down slope from my driveway.

Both areas have massive ant colonies in them, the ground is riddled with openings from the ants that are quite large, some are mounded, others are just holes... I haven't actually SEEN a lot of ants, but I raked the whole area aggressively a week ago, and seeded on top w/ Scotts EZ-Seed... I watered for the whole week... I see no growth at all...

So I'm figuring either these areas have been damaged by some chemical (maybe road salt or something has accumulated or spread in there?) or it's being destroyed by insects, the ants get my vote because I see their holes, but I suppose it could also be grubs or some other pests...
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