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Im trying to figure out which of these is the way to go for my situation. I understand they are all used for different purposes but im curious if anyone has first hand experience with them and could shed some light.

I have been using my detached garage as a workspace for music and its currently just bare concrete so it gets terribly cold in the mornings and takes forever to get warm with the help of a heater.

Im not certain what sort of flooring id like to put down (vinyl/laminate) yet but I know ill need a good DMX underlayment. I understand the LVT is designed for vinyl flooring but are any of these cross compatible? Could I use the LVT with laminate? (its currently on sale is why im asking)

Im also curious how to finish the perimeter of the space. Its going to butt up against that small concrete lip. Any tips on how to finish off the flooring?

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