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Which Air Compressor

  • Porter Cable C2002-WK (with 13 accessory kit) for $160

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  • Makita Mac700 Bifg Bore (no accessories) for $190

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DIY'er Air Compressor Showdown, your help, Porter Cable Vs Makita

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Hello all, I am a lurker and not much of a poster, but today I need your help. Have to do some more window and door trim casing work and just dont want to borrow the buddies compressor and brad nailer anymore. So I picked up the Hitachi 2" brad nailer for a steal at $49 from the blue big box. Now For power Im caught between the Makita Mac700 (2.4 gallon hot dog) or the Porter Cable C2002-WK (6 gallon pancake). The Makita is the stronger of the two form what I can tell. Noone has a bad thing to say about it. Strong solid cast iron construction, a little higher CFM rating, and a bit quieter running. The Porter Cable is reviewed very well, and is cheaper, and lighter and comes with a nice accessory package for about $30 less. Once you add all the stuff to the price of the Makita, which comes with nothing, the difference is closer to $70. I plan to use it very sparingly, some molding and trim work here and there, and I do tend to overbuy, but like high quality stuff, but dont want to go overboard. If you can tell me if I can maybe do some shelf building or light wood construction (like desk building, etc) with either that would help as well. I appreciate everyones input, Thanks
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i have the makita. it is fairly quiet, sort of vacuum level. i can talk on the phone and carry a conversation with the compressor on, not that i normally do that stuff unless it is the mother in law.

the PC will be louder.

either one works for what you want. regardless which you buy, you will need a decent hose. probably about $25 depending on length. you can get hoses for $10 at the stores.

if you want a compressor, makita is great.

IMO, also consider the dewalt battery run nailers instead. while a higher cost up front, you lose the air hose. had i to do it over again, i would have went with those. you can get refurb'd ones for <200 online with some looking around. if you already have 18V dewalt tools, it is a good way to go. for the nailers, i bought a 16G and 18G. knowing what i know now, i would have went with 15 and 18G. live and learn.
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