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DIY Way of cutting PEX

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I don't have a special PEX cutting but need to make two cuts. Is there a good way to make a nice square cut on this stuff? I'll be using sharkbite fittings, so I'm assuming the ends need to be as square as possible.
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About the easyest way by hand would be with a razer utility knife.
Buy a tubing cutter.
I've got one of these. Will this work? I'm making a pex repair in a wall so space is limited. I just want to make sure to get a square cut

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Put a hose clamp on it as a guide and cut it with a utiity knife with a new blade. No thats a close quarters copper cutter. It aint rocket science. I like to chamfer the outer edge just a taste with emory when I use shark bites. Makes the O ring slide nicely. Oh and spit on it before you shove it home.

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