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DIY light fixtures

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I made a light fixture out of tree branches which were dried and treated. I used 18/2 lamp wire to connect candelabra sockets and the sockets are wrapped in electrical tape for extra covering and to match the decor of the light. There are several sockets on this fixture and the wiring is properly connected. It works and functions fine. The fixture I replaced wasn't grounded, I didn't set this one up to be grounded either. But it's hard because this isn't a metal light fixture. Is it ok as is with the grounding wire? It's been working perfect, no issues, I just don't want any in the future. Some friends have recently asked I make them one as well and I don't want to set them up for failure if I don't ground them either.
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If the lamp socket's
Require a ground
Such as all metal types
Then they usually have
A ground screw somewhere
If they are mostly plastic
Then no ground is needed.
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