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Here are a few photos of my saga to replace my tile and carpet with Karndean.

Here is the debris of hideous tile that one would find in the bathroom of a no-tell motel. Yet the previous homeowner installed in in his kitchen, entryway and powder room. The contractor glued particle board to the subfloor making for a labor intensive demo job.

Here you can see the thick trails of glue where the PB did not adhere well. and chunks of PB stuck to the floor where the glue had set properly. Lots of time on the floor with a chisel and sander.

Here is the very pretty Matrixx underlayment which was stapled to a faretheewell. I sanded the edges until they were very smooth and even. Since the floor was level, stable and even I didn't bother floating. It anything needed floating, I just sanded down the high spots until they were flush.

And here is the first finished room. I used the cleaner to remove the bit of adhesive the seeped through. I'd been thinking that all the Karndean "add-on" products were a rip-off. This is definitely not the case with the cleaner stripper. It removes tiny dots of adhesive quickly and easily; and there are no organic solvents. So I felt safe using it without a respirator and around my pets. Good stuff.

So I'll be putting on the protector tomorrow night and then Saturday I'll be getting my baseboards.

Is my install utterly perfect? Nope. But it's plenty good and I'm thrilled with my results so far.
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