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Afternoon All... I'm thinking of installing my own security system (I currently have SimpliSafe). My main concern home security w/ smoke detector (wireless). I would also like the potential to future proof it, with the ability to have some home automation (lights, video) options. But again, my main concern is Security. The previous owner had wired connections to every entry point, curious to know if they can still be connected if purchasing a new controller. With that said, my questions:
1) what control panel and controller would you recommend? I have been told HoneyWell LYNX or TUXEDO
2) I plan to shop around for monitoring company to save some $, but I have heard that HoneyWell charges for their total connect (if I eventually wanted the home automation features). Is there anyway to bypass that? I'm fairly computer savy.

Any recommendations on basic alarm system/panel/controller? Again, not looking to break the bank.

THANKS IN ADVANCE for all your input.
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