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Looking to create a Rectangular Patio with pavers (27 ft x 17 ft).

1) How do you determine which is the right way to slope. Everyone says away from the house but do I create a slope from the Patio door to the lawn or from the deck to the rest of the lawn directly across. Initially received quotes for the job and some professionals varied in their opinion.

2) What is the easiest way to measure out the slope needed and how much digging needed on each side - pavers are approx. 2 1/2"...and guessing the space needed under the patio door should not exceed 1". I need help understanding how much digging needs to be done closest to the patio door vs lawn (assuming my slope will be calculated on 17 ft.).

3) The heavy blue line is a concrete slab placed from previous owner. Guessing will have to break this apart to level with the rest of the patio?

4) Will the area closest to the deck need to be sloped in the same manner as the rest of the patio if I chose to place pavers starting from where the deck ends. I have an access door under the deck to get to the garden hose attachment and the sump pump discharge pipe. Unfortunately, not smart to build a deck without having great access to this but want to make sure if in case of flooding, the water doesn't damage the patio...I'm open to making the patio smaller and just putting stones. What would make more sense?

Thanks for your advice in advance.:smile:


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2) What is the easiest way to measure out the slope needed and how much digging needed on each side
If you have no big boy toys, you can use mason line/bubble level to first measure how much fall you will have from the house to the edge of the patio. Then reset the line to match the slope you want. Then it's just a matter of doing the math (say 4" base, 1" sand, paver) to dig down. Maybe a little more nuanced than that, but basically in a nutshell.

For the other questions some pics might better illustrate your situation.
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