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Ditra Heat over Durock?

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I have a 300sf entry room and have put down 1/2" Durock with modified thinset and screws over plywood. The plywood is 23/32" sturd-i-floor glued to 2x12 spf spanning 12 1/2 feet. The floor seems very solid. I have already purchased Ditra Heat because I like how the heat cable snaps into the grid and was wondering if it would be ok to install over the cement board? If so, What would be the preferred thinset to use? My tiles are 12x24 Ceramic.
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Hi FH,

The Durock was a waste of time and money in this case, but it's down already so...................

Schluter recommends unmodified as you probably know. But a cheap modified will work too and it should bond better. If you find the Schluter warranty of any value, use a good quality unmod, (if you can find one) You forgot to enter your location when you signed up. What brands of thinset were you gonna use? Be specific.

I live in Northeast Ohio. I set the durock with Flexbond that I bought from Home Depot. I have an account with Virginia Tile and would like your suggestions as to another recommended brand. By the way, I am a contractor but this is my own house and thought I could tackle this project myself and sometimes go overboard. Durock and Ditra......I needed to make up some height anyway. Thanks!
Virginia Tile is/was my favorite distributor. As you know they're based right here is SE Michigan.

Flexbond is a very good modified mortar. Some orange stores may carry Custom's uncoupling thinset which is similar to Ditraset. Virginia should carry a full line of HB Fuller "Tec" products. They'l have a premium unmodified, but I haven't been there in a few years now since I'm retired.

Next time you wanna raise the floor, use plywood or OSB ⅜" or thicker which will add strength too. Concrete backer only adds a tile friendly surface and weight, but no strength.

Small world! I also live in northeast Ohio and am planning on putting down Ditra Heat in my kitchen. That's why I read the thread. I'm sure being a contractor you will do a great job. Best of luck to you!
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