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It's hurricane season, and I want to be better prepared than I have in the past. I have a small portable generator (Duramax XP4400E, 3600 watts), that meets our needs (fridge, room AC, a few lamps, and one small LCD TV).

In years past, I have run a bunch of cords from the generator in the backyard all over the house, but don't want to do it any more.

So I bought a small six circuit manual transfer switch (Reliance Controls 30416A) that can take the feed from the generator (240V, 3P, 4W), and feed to the appropriate 120V circuits.

My main breaker panel is inside the house, and it would be very convenient to mount the transfer switch just one stud over. This means the conduit between the transfer switch is only about 4-5 inches long, and the flush mounts for the two panels are about an inch apart.

Is that a code violation? Can the two panels be so close together? Reliance Controls support personnel say it is not a national code violation.

I'm in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana - anyone know if it is a violation here? Or anywhere else.

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Ya good to go as long it is after the main breaker and I know many manual transfer switch are good set up.

But a nice gotcha is make sure you isolated the netural et grounding if you run thru the transfer swtich { you will have to treat them like subpanel anyway }

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