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Greetings all, this is my first post :)

I decided to install a dishwasher, however the counter top is too low.
It seemed to me that I should be able to remove some of the layers of vinyl to gain some of the space needed for clearance.

I didn't look into the construction of my existing counter top, and in my naivete the project has ballooned into something much more involved that I initially anticipated.

Biggest concern:

The dishwasher felt is actually touching the underside of the counter top.
Making more space would be a big hassle...
Should I be concerned about heat?
I should be able to provide decent ventilation in the back and on the sides. Hopefully that would be sufficient.

Another Concern:

As you can see, I had to cut away the flooring in order to slide the dishwasher into place. Underneath was (ugly) asbestos tiling.

I'm not ready to completely rip out and tile my floor especially given the asbestos, so I need ideas on how to effectively cover this cut out while still being able to pull out and access dishwasher.

I read on a different forum that some people will put in a removable tile section... any other ideas?

Something functional/temporary?​

More Considerations:

I also read that it's standard practice for dishwashers to be installed on top of tile. Another said that contractor laid vinyl in and around dishwasher to waterproof the bottom and sides

Would it be okay to wrap the this cabinet with vinyl?

I'm also wondering about the cut out in the front - there isn't really anywhere for water to go...​

Last thing:

Do I need to rebuild the broken concrete section?
My current plan is to get a thin piece of moulding, same thickness as the tile above, and create transition between the countertop and face of the cabinetry.

This way I could avoid the hassle of build something to hold concrete/mortar into place in the space above the dishwasher (and anywhere else where concrete breaks from removing tile.).

It would be ugly underneath the surface, and it's certainly a hack job, but...
Would there be any other problems with this?​

I know I'm in over my head, but I don't have a ton of time and money to spend on this project, so any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!


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Woof that's an onion house thing if I ever seen one.

I surmise that as long as your tiles don't crack from hot water outta the tap, it shouldn't crack from any residual heat off the dishwasher. Though you'll probs have a "warm" spot on the countertop when the dishwasher is running (for reference, I get a warm spot when doing dishes in mine - and I've got a good 3" above the washer with 1 1/4" quartz)

With the tile countertop I'd want to make sure the dishwasher isn't tilting forward when opened and loaded - it could put too much stress on the counter at the back side and pop tiles up out of the "concrete" bed (though the plywood looks thick enough to protect it from "flexing", I think it's still worth double checking)

I don't think having a piece of trim on the counter edge is really a problem, just make sure the door can open without pulling on the bottom of the trim. I personally would put in PVC trim there to protect against any water damage. Ideally you'd take the piece of edge you had and trim the tiles around it - but that might be too much work or impossible if ya broke a bunch getting them off.

On the floor, I think I'd cut the missing tiles just a bit under the "front" of the other cabinets (just enough that the bottom trim covers the tiles) - Then either try to match the profile of the "toe kick" on the cabinets and color match paint it OR get a sheet of black acrylic and make myself a bottom cover piece. -- If you're thinking you'll have to get the dishwasher out again then maybe use less glue on the tiles, I'd call it a semi-high traffic area, but I imagine at worst you'd just have to glue them back down if they ever slide a bit.

Every one of my dishwashers has been right up against the cabinets on either side. I have never seen anyone even recommend water-proofing the sides of a dishwasher opening, much less ever seen it done...

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As ron45 states, did you turn the adjustable feet all the way up flush to the DW frame?

There's no requirement for you to tile the wood subfloor, but if there's any possible leak, that may help protect it temporarily. If you don't have the height to install a 1/16" cheap stick-on tile, then you have to redo the counter. I wouldn't worry about making some sort of waterproof pan, because you're just hiding a potential leak.

The mounting tabs for the DW are easier to install in wood, so you might want something there instead of the mortar. I don't have any simple suggestions in working with what you have though.

If by "felt" touching the underside plywood you mean the insulation wrap of the DW plastic tub, that is fine.
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