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dirty hot water

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we have a Munchkin boiler and a Super Stor hot water tank. We have recently been receiving brownish colored hot water. The time we noticed this was coincidental with our daughter son in law and two small children moving in with us for a few weeks. Any suggestions for dealing with the dirty water will be greatly appreciated
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When was the last time you fully drained and cleaned your tank? Sounds like the extra demand is stirring up some sediment from the bottom.
Don't use any hot water for several hours. Then turn off the main water, open a hot faucet, and drain a few gallons from the hot water tank lower valve. This should not require more than 5 gallons.

If the city did a water main flush on your street and you used hot water during that time or shortly thereafter, you could get a quantity of sediment trapped in the hot water tank. This may take awhile to get rid of although draining the tank a little as described above, on 2 consecutive days, should clear it up faster.
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