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Dirt at house is above lowest brick courses

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In front of the house the top of foundation is about 8 inches above grade. But on the side, about 3 feet back from the from the front, the foundation steps down considerably. At least three courses of brick are covered with dirt when the dirt is level with the "shared" sidewalk 10 feet away.

it is a severe design flaw. the brick is chicago common and does not last long when wet.

I think my only option is to cover the bottom few courses of brick to protect them from the moisture. can anyone reccomend a good product to seal them, Should I jsut use the back tar spray used on concrete foundations?

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Duron makes a very good silicone sealer that will last 4-5 years. Not cheap but works well. You can use the black waterproofing but you reaaly need to pay attention to what you're doing or it'll peel off.
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