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Im fiinishing a Great Room remodel but running low on funds and trying to figure out what to do about planned fireplace. I purchased a used one cheap thinking it was direct vent but it turns out it just a natural gas fireplace (Majestic BVNR36). The owner said it worked great and really heats up the room but the guy I want to install it says it will be much less efficient than a direct vent thats rated at half the BTUs.

The other issue Is the flu will be exposed above the mantel ( Mantel is 7 feet high). for about 4 feet where it will go into the catherdal ceiling. We are planning on putting a stainless steel sleeve around it but might not be able to afford it for a while. Ive been told since direct vents have outside air coming it that the pipe is well insulated. What about the plain natural gas ones with the double wall pipes?

Any thoughts on this, If it was up to me I'd wait until I have a better idea what I want I can affort, but thinking its best to put the fireplace in now while cieling joists are exposed (no drywall or insulation in).

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Better check with your areas local code enforement.

Direct vents are better. They don't use inside air for combustion.
So you don't end up pulling in large amounts of dry outdoor air, and help damage any hardwood you have.
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