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Need some advice folks. For the past 6 months, the lights flicker and dim in our house...appliances slow down and struggle, window AC units almost stall, and sometimes it sticks that way for 10 minutes at a time. Put a meter in my 110V outlets and found out that when the browning/dimming is happening, it reals 145V! Then when everything gets bright and normal again, it reads 125V. Just the opposite of what I would expect. Its an old house with old wiring and an old panel box still on the outside of the house. Last electrical update I know of was done 35+ years ago. Could it be the box? I dont see how the voltage can go UP unless there is some bleeding from the 220 side? I dont know much about electricity, so I need some advice. Thanks.


I did have an electrician check it out some months ago, and he updated a bar or contact or something in the box, and we thought that fixed it, but it didnt.

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it reals 145V! Then when everything gets bright and normal again, it reads 125V.
Your bad neutral connection has 145-125=20vac across it. If you pull 10A on one side of your neutral and 1A on the other, your bad connection will dissipate (10-1)20 = 180w and will get warm or hot.

Your stuff that is on the 145v side has had its life shortened, especially incand. bulbs.

With 250vac into your house the xformer must be right out front. Mine reads 246vac with the xformer right out front.
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