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Did I just blow a transformer?

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I have a 3-spotlight installation with a 12V transformer.

Output of the transformer is 12V max 5A and max 60w.
Each of the spotlights is a 20w halogen bulb.

Recently I replaced one, and didn't notice I put in a 50w bulb.

After few minutes all the lamps went dark.

I realized my mistake. Thought I blew the fuse on the transformer, (it says T6.3A on the fuse), but the fuse is good.

So did I burn up the tranformer and not the fuse by installing the 50w bulb?
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If the fuse is good and the power supply doesn't work, then you blew it. Not unexpected considering what happened. High quality power supplies have overload protection so they cannot be damaged this way, but cheap ones often do not.
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