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one of my HW sink faucets is leaking.
digging in to see what needs replacing I am stumped at Step 2 - getting access to the guts of the spindle.

the grey plastic piece seems to have flats on it which would suggest that I would use a wrench to unscrew and remove it to pull out the brass post and whatever is below it and has failed. (Cartridge? O-rings? Packing? Rubber washer?)

but it doesn't budge. or at least not without the entire fixture spinning on the sink deck.

does this look familiar to anyone?

many thanks



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Ahhah. Bingo. correct.
Though what next? That grey piece still doesnt budge.
Should i have to remove the nut underneath and remove the entire assembly from above?

Looking at the pic, to me it looks like a 6 sided valve nut. Try using big channel lock or big cresent wrench see if it will unscrew. Use some wd 40 or pb blaster to help with the sediment.
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