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Diagram for small can lights

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I do not know a lot about electrical.
I ran Romex from a switch to can1 then to can2 then to can3 then to can4 and the wiring terminated at the 4th can. Now the 4th can light keep burning out.

Was I supposed to complete the loop or something? I am not sure what is occurring. any help would be appreciated.
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It may be the can light itself, generally halogen fixtures have small transformers inside the fixture so it could be a bad transformer causing your light to burn out... also NOTE make sure when your changing a bulb you are not touching it with your bare skin or you will get oil on it causing it to burn out MUCH faster because of hot spots. If your changing the same lamp over and over with your fingers directly on it that could be causing it to burn out faster... two things to look into.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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