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Diagnosing Adams Speedflame igniter

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I've got an Adams speedflame that won't ignite. It's got a spark igniter but it does not spark. I tried to check voltage across the terminal where the igniter is plugged into but it only reads a few volts (most likely phantom power). Any ideas on what I can check?
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I guess no one seems to know.
From what I've been reading, ignition modules are fairly generic. it controls the spark and the gas valve.
Here's my plan.
I'm going to check the input voltage at the ignition module. If it has voltage, I'm going to assume that the ignition module is at fault and swap it out.
If it doesn't have voltage, I'm going to go upstream to the transformer and do the same.
After some more digging, I'm becoming more certain that the ignition module is kaput.
It does have voltage running to it and the gas valves appear to operate correctly but no spark and no voltage from the terminal to make it spark.
I have not pulled it out yet because it's buried behind a fan and the wires are very tight in there so to slide it out will require some time.
Anyone familiar with the EPI-200 ignition module? Are these interchangeable or do I need to replace with an exact model? And finally is there something obvious that I should check first?
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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