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dewalt precision point vs bostitch smartpoint ?

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not sure if i want to invest in either of them yet , but when day dreaming about getting a really nice 16 gauge nailer i keep coming back to a stalemate between the BOSTITCH BTFP71917 and the Dewalt DWFP71917 . what are y'alls thoughts or experiences with them ? your preferences ? honestly , the more accurate nail placement will most likely rarely make a difference for my projects/jobs , but i must admit on those few occasions it will be a nice feature to have . not having to push hard against what i'd be nailing (and potentially moving it out of nailing position) is a very appealing feature ! that will be enjoyed every time i pull the trigger :)

FWIU .... dewalt bought bostitch and rebranded smartpoint to precision point on their finish nailers , so i'm guessing they feel similar when using them . will they both drive 2 1/2 inch brads reliability ? even the hitachi i tried wouldn't :( . i'm leaning towards the bostitch , seen tons of bostitch air guns during the 20ish years i built decks and i think it's a nicer looking gun . i used paslode cordless when i built back then , dont wanna be held up by batteries or the extra cost of gas cartridges so i got a fairly quiet california air compressor . all i need is electricity , brads and something to nail ;)

so what are y'alls experiences , thoughts , recommendations ?
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